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About The Lab

In the Quantum Photonics Lab, we develop nanophotonic and optoelectronic technologies for a wide range of applications – from optical computing to communications, networking, and sensing. Our efforts are focused on addressing important challenges in these areas through the design, fabrication, and testing of heterogeneous integrated quantum photonic devices, the exploration of new quantum materials and systems, and the development of ultra-sensitive measurement techniques for benchmarking device performance spanning visible to telecommunication wavelengths, cryogenic to ambient temperatures, and DC to RF frequencies. Specific areas of interest are quantum photonic integrated circuits based on AlGaAs, silicon nitride, lithium niobate, and silicon, hybrid electro-optomechanical quantum systems, and nanophotonics with engineered quantum emitters.

QPL News

An excellent set of projects on photonic integration and engineering of 2D material quantum emitters. Congrats Kamyar!

Congrats to Paolo Pintus for leading this highlight on "Cryogenic Optical Data Link for Superconducting Circuits"

Wonderful work on "Integrated Quantum Photonics with III-V Semiconductors". Congrats Trevor!

Congrats to Trevor, Josh, and Max for their work on entanglement distribution and QKD with our AlGaAs resonators!

Congrats to Quynh (now at UCI) for her achievement and the opportunity to visit with Nobel Laureates in Germany!

Congrats to Sahil, Michael, Kamyar, Nick, Sammy, Landon, and Daniella for the great work!

We're excited to work on this new NSF-funded project on quantum sensing with Prof. Caroline Ross at MIT!

Our review on integrated quantum photonics with AlGaAs is now published in Optica (in collaboration with Sara Ducci and Florent Baboux)!

QPL is looking forward to developing new graduate student training opportunities in quantum science. Congrats to lead PI David Weld!

Congrats to QPL grad student Trevor Steiner for recognition of his research and outreach accomplishments!

QPL students Lilli, Nick, Josh, and Trevor will be attending and presenting at the ISS:IQP this summer, congrats!

We're excited to partner with Xanadu to enhance our quantum photonics learning lab by providing student access to cloud-based quantum computing hardware!

Congrats to the team for their great work, especially Josh, Trevor, and Lilli for leading this project!

Optica's Optics & Photonics News cover article on UCSB/Thorlabs Crystalline Solutions R&D

Congrats to Hae and Nick for receiving awards!!!

Our review article, led by Michael Choquer, in collaboration with Hubert Krenner's group, is now published in IEEE TQE!

Congrats to Kamyar for receiving a fellowship to work with LANL on his 2D material single-quantum emitter project!

Congrats! See SPIE's 2022 Women in Optics Planner and the MIT Rising Stars to learn more about her research accomplishments and great advice to young researchers.

Congrats to Kamyar and Shaimaa for their research published at Nature Communications and a Featured Perspective article published in APL!

Congrats to Sahil on receiving a such a well-deserved award for running the Quantum Photonics Learning Lab! 

AVS Quantum Science published our review on chip-scale nonlinear quantum photonics, also featured by AIP.

thank you to our sponsors!
thank you to our sponsors!