Quantum Photonics Lab

About The Lab

In the Quantum Photonics Lab, we develop nanophotonic and optoelectronic technologies to advance our understanding of quantum light-matter interaction for a wide range of applications – from novel computing architectures to communications, networking, and sensing. Our efforts are focused on addressing important challenges in these areas through the discovery of new quantum materials and nanostructures, fabricating quantum photonic devices utilizing fundamentally new concepts and prototypes, and developing ultra-sensitive measurement techniques capable of detecting weak signals at the fundamental limits imposed by quantum mechanics. Specific areas of interest are quantum photonic integrated circuits, hybrid electro-optomechanical quantum systems, and nanophotonics with 2D materials and semiconductor quantum dots.

QPL News

For quantum photonic transceiver development in partnership with Amethyst Research Inc.

A breakthrough in SNSPD single-photon timing jitter with sub-3 ps timing jitter. This research was a highly collaborative effort led by Boris Korzh and JPL and is highlighted in Nature Photonics.

Michael Choquer and Trevor Steiner of the UCSB Quantum Foundry