The International Summer School in Integrated Quantum Photonics at Bristol

QPL students Lilli, Nick, Josh, and Trevor will be attending and presenting at the ISS:IQP this summer, congrats!

May 5, 2023

ISSIQP will present the fundamental principles of integrated photonic devices, including hands-on activities involving design, fabrication, and characterisation. ISSIQP will showcase how such integrated photonic devices can be used to implement applications in quantum technologies​.

The ISSIQP programme, led by Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training Director Jorge Barreto, will be hosted by QETLabs in the School of Physics at Bristol and takes advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities available, including computer and experimental laboratories. Leading academic and industrial experts from USA, Canada and the UK will provide guest lectures and assist the Bristol team in delivering ISSIQP structured in six themes:​

  • classical photonics​
  • quantum photonics​
  • computer laboratories​
  • business, enterprise and innovation​
  • hybrid photonics and interfaces​
  • photonic laboratories​

Attendees will also be invited to present at our poster sessions, providing further opportunities to network and form new collaborations with peers from across the UK and North America.