Quantum Interconnects
Quantum Interconnects

Quantum Interconnects

An outstanding challenge in quantum information science and networking is the ability to interconnect multiple types of quantum systems, which is often difficult due to the large disparity in operating environments and qubit frequencies. Our research explores novel approaches to interconnects and transduction, including high-speed electro-optical modulators driven by microwave-frequency superconducting circuits, quantum optical frequency conversion spanning several octaves, and quantum acoustic cavities for microwave-to-optical quantum transduction between quantum mechanical acoustic modes and single photons produced by individual quantum emitters. These technologies have the potential for transformative impact in several areas, including interfacing multiple emerging quantum systems and devices and serving as an essential component of the co-design of quantum and classical networks for secure communications and distributed computing.

Affiliated Researchers

Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
PI for QPL focusing on integrated quantum photonics devices and quantum materials

Michael grew up in the suburbs and countryside near Portland, Oregon.

Sahil is a graduate student in the QPL. He is originally from India and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta from a young age.

I'm a physics undergraduate in the College of Creative Studies who is interested in quantum systems and their applications. 

Wei Wei is a Quantum Foundry research intern and an undergraduate student in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCL