Integrated Quantum Emitters

Quantum information science (QIS) technologies for computing, communications, sensing, and metrology rely on the ability to generate and detect non-classical information using light and matter. Quantum photonics plays a central role in QIS because of the inherent scalability and low-loss, high-speed transmission of light. This research area focuses on the development, metrology, and application of efficient, scalable, and turnkey sources of quantum light, such as single photons and entangled-photon pairs generated from single quantum emitters based on defects and color centers in 2D materials and III-V quantum dots.

We seek to answer challenging questions such as: How can we produce and detect single photons on demand with unity efficiency, purity, and indistinguishability? What is the optimal design approach for developing on-chip sources of single and entangled photons? How can we create artificial solid-state atom-like arrays of quantum emitters with tunable and programmable properties? Our goal is to answer these important questions through materials development and characterization, device design and nanofabrication, and quantum photonic state analysis and tomography. 


(left) AlGaAsOI quantum photonic chip and (right) array of single-photon emitters in a 2D material.
(left) AlGaAsOI quantum photonic chip and (right) array of single-photon emitters in a 2D material.

Affiliated Researchers

Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
PI for QPL focusing on integrated quantum photonics devices and quantum materials

Shaimaa earned her PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University in the summer of 2020.

Kamyar was born in Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, Iran. He received his B.Sc.

Sahil is a graduate student in the QPL. He is originally from India and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta from a young age.

Lilli comes from the Seattle area and completed her undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at the University of Washington.

Michael grew up in the suburbs and countryside near Portland, Oregon.

Josh is graduate student in QPL. He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He received a B.S.

I come from a small town in southern Wisconsin where I grew up with a twin brother and an older sister.

I am currently an undergraduate student in computer engineering. I am from Boulder Colorado.

Alex is a Quantum Foundry research intern and an undergraduate student in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSB.

Sammy hails from Los Angeles, California, and pursues a bachelor's degree in computer engineering at UCSB.