Quantum Bootcamp for the QF Summer Interns Kicks Off This Week!

QPL Group Member Sahil Patel leading the Quantum Bootcamp for Quantum Foundry undergraduate summer interns.

July 2, 2021
Quantum Photonics Teaching Lab
Quantum Photonics Teaching Lab

The Quantum Bootcamp is a 3-week hands-on course for the Quantum Foundry undergraduate summer interns to boost their intuition and skills in quantum information science and engineering. The summer 2021 cohort includes 10 students (100% UR, 80% URM), 9 of which are from California Community Colleges.

The course has three objectives: (1) provide the conceptual framework for the students to intuitively understand the basics of quantum information; (2) understanding QISE concepts in the context of light and optics; (3) learning how to carry out quantum experiments and measurements using the Quantum Photonics Teaching Lab (QPTL).

The course consists of three modules, each comprising a lecture and lab session. Students explore high-level concepts of QISE such as: quantum states, classical vs quantum measurement, bits vs qubits, coherence and superposition, and entanglement.

There is a weekly lab component in which teams of students access and remotely control the QPTL modules. For each module, students have access to background material and online content, work through any pre-lab questions, perform the experiments, and write and submit individual lab reports.